A Strong Voice for Picton

Prince Edward County is in my bones. I’m proud to be a 9th generation United Empire Loyalist. The first generation landed on the shores of Waupoos and built the Rose House Museum and I’ve lived in Picton for most of my adult life. I feel like it’s an important time for me to give back to the community that helped raise me.

In the past twenty years, we’ve seen The County grow leaps and bounds.  New industries, new ideas and new energy have put The County on a number of maps. It’s important to continue to grow on that momentum.  We also need to acknowledge and respect our past. I believe there is harmony to be found in embracing and celebrating The County’s rich history while continuing to grow as a community.

But it can’t all be platitudes.  Picton and The County face a number of important and immediate challenges, including an affordable housing crisis and a crunch on our schools. We need to see that our new hospital gets built.  I will work with my colleagues at Shire Hall to invest in efficient, effective, sustainable solutions, attract new businesses and develop a sustainable municipality.

We also need to support community members and grassroots movements that pour their hearts and souls into areas of need like the new hospice facility, caring for our beautiful natural environment and bringing Syrian refugees to our region.  Active community members and the causes they support are the living heartbeat of a healthy, thriving, viable County.

I’m passionate about The County and care deeply about its future. I want to raise a family here. I know the obstacles on the road ahead. And I know that strong communities require leaders who can get things done. With the world turning upside down, it’s no longer an option for my generation to sit on the sidelines.  It’s time for us to step up.

That’s why I’m running for Councillor of Ward 1 – Picton.

About Mark

Born and raised in Prince Edward County, Mark grew up on a dairy farm in Waupoos. He graduated from North Marysburgh Centennial Central School in 1994 and P.E.C.I. in 1999.

Mark has a business degree and a successful career in sales. He is a vocal supporter of local businesses and he understands the need to support small businesses and entrepreneurs.

As a member of the Rose House Museum Friends Group, Mark volunteers at County events like the annual Fish Fry. He believes in empowering community groups and helping local residents give back to the region where they live, work and play.

Mark follows his mother and grandmother into municipal politics. He understands the importance of preserving the County’s rich history while building a vibrant, sustainable community for the future. Mark is a passionate defender of education and the arts, and a strong advocate for affordable housing.

Mark enjoys spending his spare time with his three nephews, paddle boarding and camping, and he’s an avid fan of the Toronto Blue Jays.

Issues and Priorities for Picton

Affordable housing

  • Complete support of the new local not-for-profit group.
  • Make it easier to get shovels in the ground for affordable housing projects.
  • Be more proactive and look for solutions beyond the not-for-profit group.

Water rates

  • I support a separate waterworks/rates commission, comprised of system users.


  • We need to continue to seek out funds from the provincial and federal governments to help with road maintenance.
  • We also need to do a better job at prioritizing which roads get fixed and when. Common sense needs to prevail here. Priority should be given to roads that service a number of homes and businesses. This can be managed much more efficiently and effectively.

New hospital (Back the build)

  • We must see that our new full-service hospital is built.
  • Until shovels are in the ground, we can’t rest on laurels.

The Environment

  • Picton and the County need to be greener.
  • It’s time to catch up with 2018 and get recycling bins in public spaces.
  • We should start the conversation about single-use plastic. Do we want to keep adding to the problem or do we want to be part of the solution?
  • Waterkeeper initiatives should be supported to help protect local waters.

Community Engagement

  • The youth will stay where they feel loved and belong.
  • We need to do a better job of engaging our bright young minds here in Picton and creating a sense of belonging and community.
  • We want to encourage and empower citizen to get involved and make Picton and the County a thriving, sustainable community.


Way to go Mark! It’s great to see someone from your generation seeking a seat in municipal government. Best of luck – we’ll be voting for you.

Robin and Alec Lunn / Former Municipal Councillor & Picton Residents

Mark’s passion for the community and his willingness to think outside the box will benefit residents and businesses alike.

Amber Smith / Small Business Owner in Picton

Mark is the right person to represent us on municipal council. He understands the issues that are important and I trust him to be a strong advocate for Picton!

Andrew Faulkner / Picton Resident